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Bachelor- and Masterthesis


Before registering for a thesis, you should have sufficient knowledge about research methods as well as structuring and writing a scientific paper. Familiarize yourself early with the respective procedures, rules, and quality criteria. For this purpose, there is an extensive repertoire of literature in the library. We highly recommend studying these recommendations before starting with your thesis!

For the bachelor thesis, a solid basic knowledge of sustainability management/CSR (e.g., previous completion of the Bachelor's program at our faculty - see module BW43) is highly recommended! For the master thesis, a previous completion of the module MW57 or other master electives of our department are highly recommended. 

You should use all relevant research channels when writing a scientific paper and should be familiar with academic search strategies (especially for journal articles). Scientific databases are particularly relevant (e.g., Web of Knowledge/SSCI, EBSCO business source premier; this website provides an overview. Most of them can be accessed via the University network or the VPN client. You can access many papers through the databases (if it is a full text database) or most often also directly from journal homepages (this website provides an overview). 


Our guidelines contain the most important formalities for writing a scientific work as well as the previous exposé at our institute. It is in your own interest to follow these guidelines as it will affect the evaluation of your work! Deviations from these guidelines regarding the formatting of the paper are possible if the circumstances require it. However, deviations must not impair the (visual) quality of the paper. These guidelines do not claim to be complete.

"Guidelines to author scientific work" (see link to the right)! 


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